About Us

CoreDoc is the creative brainchild of four former colleagues with many years of individual and combined experience in the IT industry.

After having worked in international IT companies, Oil companies and Shipping companies in positions of management, procurement and sales we were all surprised to find that even these multinational companies lacked something as simple and essential as functional Asset Management.

We all shared the same perception: The market for asset management software is crowded with high end solutions, which are very expensive and hard to implement. The lack of overview and ease of use makes it hard for employees to understand the systems and consequently adopt them.

And an idea began to form that there might be a market out there for a product.

We saw a need for a simple tool that would easily allow us to keep track of asset inventory, staff availability, licenses, incident tickets, documents, contracts and clients. None of the asset management systems we came across in our daily work offered these features in a simple user friendly manner. And the integration between different modules - let's not even go there.

So we decided to develop our own.

Taking two years to develop our original concept and update it to the current needs of the IT world, we put together a tool that does all the things each of us saw a need for in our workplaces. The result is the CoreDoc suite of modules - and we would be lying if we didn't say that we are very pleased with the result. We hope that you will be, too.